Sunday, January 20, 2013

Public transit. A shining light from above for some, the darkest part of the day for others. Living in NYC for the past 5 years, I've really come to love and appreciate a well-designed mass transit system. I'm no newbie, and yet I still sometimes find myself marveling at how quickly I can get from point A to point B. Yes, delays happen, there are annoyances, but I try to never take it all for granted, because I could be filling up my car at 50 bucks a pop.

For me, commuting has become a zen time. Most often I listen to music, subjecting the other riders to the the showtune or Beyonce that blares into my ears. I can be found reading as well, especially since I got another Nook. I know I know, I'm a traitor to booklovers everywhere, but it's just so convenient! 

I LOVE seeing people read on the subway and I'm always curious as to what they are reading. LO AND BEHOLD I found a tumblr that is comprised solely of pictures of people reading on the subway: Underground New York Public Library. Heaven. I like to create backstories for people based off of what they are reading. I will see a tall skinny guy reading, say, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, and my mind will spin into overdrive, and I might fall in love a little's a dangerous game.

Speaking of love, there's nothing better than a good Ten Second Love Affair. That's what I call what happens when you have a little spark with someone on your train. The curious eyes. The hesitant smiles. The blushing (me. always). It's exciting and mysterious, and also the cause of many, many Missed Connections, which I also recommend reading if you have the time. I'm obsessed. Most of them are crap, but there are rare romantic gems that make me and tingly and giddy. I'M SUCH A GIRL. Anyways, missed connections are always good for laughs, so here's a not-so-romantic gem.

I love the show How I Met Your Mother. LOVE IT. In one episode, "Subway Wars", the gang of friends makes fun of Canadian Robin, telling her she's not a real New Yorker because she hasn't gone through some specific rituals. One of those rituals: crying on the subway and not giving a damn what anyone thinks. THIS IS BEYOND TRUE. You think it will never happen to you. You think you can hold back the tears. But one day, someone will really piss you off, or you'll have an awful fight with your boyfriend, and BAM. Tears. Mascara. Everywhere. Audible sobs. There will be a few anxious glances, but no one will bother you. They all know. Sometimes you just need a good subway cry. 

Don't get me wrong, I miss driving. I miss the wind blowing through my hair. I miss the feeling of being able to go anywhere, all alone. I miss singing at the top of my lungs. Showtunes, obviously. But I have come to love my little 20 minute foray into the underground; surrounded by folks from different walks of life than I, all having their own Ten Second Love Affairs, all getting lost in a new book, or even having a good cry. We are all alone together. It's a special kind of kinship. :)

I'm depressed, confused, and more than a little lost. I'm trying to figure out my life while still completely hating/not understanding the term "grown-up". But it's all good cause I know I'm not the only one. I'm Harper. Join me as I eat bacon and try to figure out ways to fuck up my life a little less.

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